We always act in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly manner

The requirements and wishes of our customers have changed over time. Aesthetic and ecological aspects are welcomed. There is also increasing demand for climate-neutral packaging. Declared as a project, all CO2-Emissions recorded and offset by a recognized climate protection project (see photo certificate). Production was made possible by further developed natural raw materials and technical biopolymers.

Our 100 percent biodegradable bio urns are environmentally friendly in two ways: On the one hand, the material we use consists of renewable raw materials. On the other hand, the selected mixture of different natural polymers ensures that our urns biodegrade without residue over time. During the decomposition process, the main components of lignin and natural fibers break down into water and humus.

One thing is certain: Bio urns meet all criteria for sustainable resource conservation and have proven to be environmentally friendly.

Advantages and essential features of natural material urns

• 100 % biodegradable and compostable
• CO²-neutral
• Environmentally and resource-friendly
• very good ecological and energy balance
• Free of pollutants and heavy metals
• Manufacture from renewable raw materials
• high dimensional stability and rigidity